Welcome to Access Control, Inc. Our expertise is in fixing gates and access control systems, not Web sites so please excuse the plain web site.


We install and service automated gates, access control systems and security camera and recording systems. We are located in Costa Mesa, CA and service Central Orange County and the surrounding counties - travel charges apply.

You can reach us by telephone at 800–608–4683.

When you call for service you get a trained and experienced technician who can fix your gate right the first time and advise you on how to keep your gate running safely and reliably. With over 29 years of experience in access control we have the expertise to install and repair your gate, entry phone, security camera, card reader or keypad system.

We offer:

Automated gate, access control and security camera installation and service. We sell, install and service entry phones, card readers, keypads, remotes, wheels, cameras, NVR's and many other gate accessories and components. Troubleshooting experts - we often fix what others can’t. Have a stubborn electrical or mechanical problem? Let us fix it for you. Fast and reliable service - typical response time less than 5 hours. Same day service on over 90% of service calls. Welding and gate straightening equipment brought right to your site. Your gate will be serviced by a trained technician. Serving Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernadino Counties. Other travel by arrangement. We are PTi and WHAM experts.  We understand reliable operation is what you expect from your gate, access control or security camera system. We aren’t the cheapest company around, but neither are we the most expensive. We feel our reputation is judged by the quality of our job. We will advise you how to do the job right for a reasonable price and if it can’t be done well for the price we’ll tell you the truth rather than go ahead and install something that won’t work well. We stand behind our installations and service work. Ask us for references if you’d like to check us out. Our telephone number for service is 800–608–4683.

Our normal service hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. Other hours can be prearranged. Service outside these hours (if available) will incur additional charges.

A service call is $100.00 and covers the first hour billed door to door. After the first hour the charge will be $100.00 per hour billed door to door. Travel charges will apply . Welding and gate straightening are an additional $80.00 per hour and any parts needed are additional. Outside of business hours the charge per hour is $200.00.

Things to keep in mind when making a service call for your gate:

Often the gate does not exhibit the problem you called about when we get there. It then becomes a challenge to find the problem when no obvious symptoms exist. The answers to these questions can be very helpful in diagnosing the problem and directing our efforts toward fixing your gate as quickly and inexpensively as possible. If your site has multiple gates, a map labeled with your gates and their gate numbers or names is helpful.

Not every one of these questions is important for you to answer. The more information we have, the quicker we can fix your gate and possibly find your hidden problems. It’s difficult to fix a problem when we don’t know where to look.

Most important questions to answer:

What is the property name and address? Who are you (name, phone number to contact you or other authorized person)? Please make sure we have a phone number to contact an authorized person.

What gate is broken? (West gate, gate cross streets, gate on “X” street). What is wrong with it (stays open, won’t open, opens with a vehicle exiting but not the remotes and so on)?

Are the entry phone, electrical boxes, camera housings or gate operator locked? Where can we get the keys?

If the gate is open or stays open:

Does the gate open by itself (without someone opening it) or does it just stay open after someone opens it?

Does it eventually close by itself? After how long? After any specific thing happens?

Did you manually open (or close) the gate? What did you do to open (or close) it? Is there a switch to open the gate?

If the gate is closed and refuses to open:

What do you normally do to open the gate that is not working now (card, remote transmitter, entry code)?

Did you manually open (or close) the gate? What did you do to manually open (or close) it?

General Questions:

Did you or anyone else try to fix it? What did you do? It’s important to distinguish repair efforts from the original problem. You want us to fix the problem that happened before the repair efforts so please let us know what you did.

What do you think caused the problem?

Did this just start happening? Is there a time of day it happens more than others?

How do you usually open the gate (card reader, time clock, keypad, remote transmitter, loop open)?

Is there a time clock on the gate that opens and closes it on a schedule (sometimes in the entry phone)?

Has the gate been serviced recently? When and what for? Has this problem happened before? Were any parts replaced?

Has the gate or anything else been hit by a vehicle or vandalized?

Is the power on to the gate operator? Are there any lights on the gate operator control boards or entry phone? Any noises made by the phone or gate operator?

Has the gate been making any strange noises or slow or jerky movements lately?

Entry Phone:

Is there an entry phone? What is its phone number? Is there a computer interfaced to the phone via a direct connection or by phone modem? Where is that computer? What is the security/programming code of the phone entry system?

Time of service and local contact:

Does the work need to be done during specific hours? Why ?(so we can be aware of any restrictions)

Do we need to meet with anyone on site to talk with them about the problem? Is there anyone on site who is familiar with the problem? (Name, address, phone number and where they are on the job site).

What hours will they be on site? Do they have a phone number we can reach them at? Can they authorize work to be done and parts to be ordered? Who is authorized to approve work on this account (just the management company, HOA president, Board members (by name)?

Access to work area and gate openers:

Is there a manual switch to open the gate? Is there more than one switch? Is anything else holding the gate open?

Are there any keys, cards, transmitters or codes that we will need to access the gate area, open the gate itself and any associated phone entry systems, junction boxes and utility rooms including the room where the electrical breaker box that serves the gate is?

Where is the electrical breaker box that supplies power to the gate?

Is the gate operator itself locked?

Does someone on site have these items? Do we return them to them afterwards or shall we keep them to facilitate future service calls?

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This is a typical checklist for a preventative maintenance service. Depending on your particular gate not all items are applicable. Most gate operator manufacturers recommend regular servicing to keep you gate and its safety systems in top condition. Regular service can help keep your gate safer and prolong the life of your gate system.

Inspect frame of operator. Inspect for grease/oil leakage. Inspect oil level in gearbox Tighten set screws on pulleys and gears and sprockets. Inspect belt for cracks and wear. Inspect timing chain and sprockets for wear and tension. Inspect and lube chains if needed. Inspect drive chain and gears for wear and tension, adjust as needed. Inspect limit switches for cracks. Inspect limit nuts for cracks and proper function. Inspect chain bolts and chain brackets. Inspect clutch for proper tension. Inspect and test photocells, reversing devices and other sensors for proper function. Inspect operator cover/locks/bolts. Inspect opening devices for proper function. Inspect detector boxes for external evidence of water damage and test for proper function. Inspect loops for exterior evidence of sealant damage and exposure. Inspect control boards for exterior evidence of arcing, over current and water damage. Inspect posts/pilasters/anchors for anchoring integrity. Inspect wheels and rollers for wear and damage. Inspect and lube rollers. Inspect gate hinges and arms and lubricate. Inspect rolling or swinging gate for structural integrity and free roll or swing. Inspect track and track anchors for wear and damage.